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    Pastry& ice cream shop



    The exquisite French flavours
    Macarons, Saint-Honoré, paris-brest, religieuses, éclairs, baba au rhum, fruit tarts and mille-feuille are names that make the most sweet-toothed people salivate anywhere in the world. As interpreted by the pastry chef Andreia Santos and her team, the great classics of French pastry are available every day at the café A-MAR Setúbal, along with the specialities of the traditional Portuguese fine bakery items, guaranteed to find a way into the heart of the Sadinos (Sado river people). Will you be able to resist this sweet temptation?

    Homemadeice cream

    The freshness of Italian ice cream with really Portuguese flavours

    Creamy and soft ice cream made with fresh milk of the day Vigor and fresh cream. Refreshing sorbets with seasonal fruit and Luso water.

    In A-MAR Setúbal’s ice creams the technique is Italian, but, with the flavour of ovos moles, muscatel, national fruits or dried fruits and honey, the result could not be more Portuguese. What is really difficult is having only one scoop.




    The A-MAR Setúbal fine bakery and dessert creation is under the leadership of Andreia Santos, a young woman who is only 25 and who rose to fame as the fine bakery Sous Chef at the refined Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, the tearoom of the centennial shop Fortnum & Mason, in Picadilly.

    Andreia graduated in Fine Bakery Management and Production from the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School and started her career in the Penha Longa Hotel and in the Porto Santo and Colombos Pestana hotels in the Island of Porto Santo before heading to England.

    Back in Portugal, Andreia created a range of desserts for the A_MAR Setúbal, made with the best seasonal products and quality ingredients.

    The development of the French pastry specialities that fill the pastry display of the café department of A-MAR Setúbal is also under her leadership. A real treat to your senses!