Avenida Luísa Todi, 73 - 2900-461 Setúbal 9h00-22h30 +351 966 723 978



    Placeof encounter

    Painting, sculpture and ceramics are the essence of the Art Gallery A-MAR Setúbal, which intends to contribute to the promotion of contemporary art in its diverse forms. As a meeting and contrasts space, this gallery wishes to make different artistic languages more available to the Sadino people, by displaying the works of talented young people as well as those of renowned artists.


    The activities of the A-MAR Setúbal are framed by a Curators’ Council that defines the guidelines, follows up the project execution and contributes with suggestions and ideas. Their members are celebrities with different connections in the artistic scene, with different professional backgrounds and committed to bringing people closer to the universe of the Arts.