Avenida Luísa Todi, 73 - 2900-461 Setúbal 9h00-22h30 +351 966 723 978


    In Setúbal, the best of Portugal.
    Get to know A-MAR Setúbal, an innovative space with irresistible offers in the gastronomy, wine, crafts, art and tourism fields.

    Setúbal deserved a place like this!



    A unique gastronomic experience
    At the A-MAR Setúbal, you will find a restaurant that elevates the freshness of local and seasonal produce. In an exquisite and exclusive space, our chef offers creative food inspired in the traditional Portuguese and the Sado region flavours. Visit us and discover these amazing and, above all, delicious treats.


    Fresh& Sweet

    Handmade fine bakery and ice cream
    An inescapable place full of titbits, where French bakery and ice cream are stars. True temptations baked daily by our bakers, with outstanding raw materials. To éclairs, macarons, mille-feuille, Saint-Honoré, Paris-Brest, religieuses, and fruit tarts we have added the fresh flavours of fruit sorbets and creamy ice creams. Will you be able to resist?


    Grocery& crafts

    A party for your senses
    A-MAR Setúbal is a long-lasting experience that you can take with you. In the shop you can find unique souvenirs, created by artisans from different regions of the country, and a selection of the best wines, olive oils, biscuits, cheeses, sausages, conserves, jams, regional bread, teas and many other Portuguese and foreign products that will delight the most demanding palate.


    Art Gallery

    A space open to dialogue and new trends
    The mission of this space is to disseminate the most important paths of contemporary art in painting, sculpture and ceramics is the mission of this space. The diversity of the aesthetics and techniques adopted by Portuguese and foreign artists are in the spotlight at A-MAR Setúbal, in regular exhibitions and initiatives that intend to foster the culture and art scene in Setúbal.